A PostCard for: Bob & Gabriella
From: Wanda
Thinking of You 
Dear Bob and Gabriella, 

I am deeply saddened by Rouge's passing. Reading about your baby on Gabriella's page made me realize what a lucky girl she was to have had you in the later part of her short life. You were her peace. You were her joy. You were her safety. 

It is always difficult to lose a beloved member of the family, especially the most noble, our dogs because they know only to give unconditional love. I promise you it will grow easier dear ones in time. You will come to bear her passing into this new dimension. 

She is now of God and with God. Therefore she is everywhere. Learn to feel her in the soft breeze, the cooling rain, the warmth of the sun and the light of the stars. She is everywhere now, no longer confined in the limitations of her earthly body. She is so far into everywhere that she surrounds you. She is in you. And she is finally forever free. Rouge waits for you in a place where she can now play with those who have gone before her at the Rainbow Bridge: 

With love and consolation,