My Husband

This is Bob.  He was stationed in Germany for more than 9 years, the last 3 in Stuttgart where I lived, but I didn't meet him there. 

The first 6 years he flew Cobra Helicopters in typical German Weather

In Germany the last 3 years from 1988 through 1991 he flew out of Stuttgart Intl Airport. He was deployed to Iraq and flew helicopters during Desert Storm.

We met at the Grand Canyon in Arizona in 1996.  I was touring the southwest United States and he was a pilot flying tours over the Grand Canyon.

This picture is our first picture together. Bob had just finished flying me over the Grand Canyon. Right after this picture was taken, we looked at each other to say good-bye, but instead, we kissed. Our first kiss.

After my Tour finished I went back to the Grand Canyon to see Bob.  We toured around Northern Arizona for a week or so.
Sometimes we did more than "tour".
Biking around Europe. After he finished his flying season, he moved to Stuttgart Germany with me in 1997.

Now we live in Central Texas. After a cold winter in Germany, we both agreed the winters in Texas were a little warmer and much better for flying ultralights.  

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